Collection: Palace Land

It is a family business that was born in Los Palacios and Villafranca (Seville) whose inspiring principle is to offer the customer a unique, natural and handmade product. Quality, passion and innovation prevail in their recipes, along with an artisan production method using home-grown raw material carefully selected by hand.

The raw material with which they make their products comes from their own farm, they harvest tomatoes from varieties that put flavor before mass production and are hand-picked at their optimum ripening point.

In relation to the rest of the ingredients, we have fresh vegetables from nearby farms in Los Palacios and Villafranca.


The elaboration of its products strictly follows a traditional recipe from the grandmother of the founder of the company, guaranteeing with this recipe the obtaining of a homemade product, unique and of the highest quality.

In addition, they are committed to the union of tradition and innovation, making red and green tomato jams through an artisan and innovative process, which meticulously respects cooking times and does not require the contribution of any type of thickeners or preservatives.

Both the fried tomato and the jams are made by hand over a slow fire, using a cooking time of between three and three and a half hours, achieving a slow and adequate reduction of the raw material, and only obtaining a jar of 365 g of fried tomato for each kilo and three hundred and fifty grams of natural tomato.

They have the Los Palacios Tomato Collective Brand and the Global Gap certificate, which certifies good agricultural practices, concern for the environment and consumer welfare, providing a distinctive quality to our products.

Palace Land