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Tierra Callada

Arbequina EVOO

Arbequina EVOO

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from early harvest of Arbequina olives harvested during veraison (period in which the fruit changes its color from green to black). We have tried to convey the essence of what matters to us through its design: tradition through the retro fretwork, modernity with the avant-garde air that impregnates the illustration, and nature with the elements that include the label, the wind and the olive tree as Miguel Hernández sang.

Tasting note


Aove Arbequina is a medium fruity oil with notes that are more mature than green. On the nose, ripe banana is perceived as the protagonist, as well as honey, almonds and fruit puree (mainly apple). In the mouth, a touch of green grass is added, sweet and clean, barely spicy and even less bitter.


Bottle 250 ml and 500 ml
Made of black glass to prevent the passage of light and with an inviolable dosing cap.

Bag-in-Box 2.5 l
Completely protected from light and oxidation (the two great enemies once the oil is bottled) thanks to its sealed metallic bag.

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