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Gin Siderit Gingerlime

Gin Siderit Gingerlime

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It is a London Gin Citrus, the Lima and the Ginger are originally from Asia and represent the philosophy of Yin and Yang, the opposing and complementary forces of nature that combined reach the perfect balance.
Its main characteristic is the citrus character fruit of a double maceration and a triple distillation in a column of fractional distillation with reflux, in a complete equipment made of glass that eliminates the flavors and smells. Each distillation in these teams of own design is equivalent to five distillations of a traditional still.
The first maceration is made with twelve perfectly selected botanists and subsequently
They perform two distillations, obtaining the mother gin. The second maceration is done with ginger, lime and cardamom and finally a third distillation is carried out in a manufacturing process that lasts approximately seven months.

43% vol 70 cl 

Juniper, coriander, port tea, cardamom, angelica root, cinnamon, bitter orange bark, tangerine bark, Jamaica flower (HIBISCO), pink pepper, raw marcona almond, lily root, ginger and lime.

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